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Before you go judging what the Joe Davis Band is, please take some time to read the bio.

Joe Davis is a hard working man, who isn't a stuck up rock guitar guy or one of these rock star
wanna be arrogant musicians.......As a matter of fact he is quite the opposite.  Joe Davis is a very
stand up individual who believes in people being honest and caring about each other. A sincere
friend, someone who loves to help others. A old soul, always ready to listen to his friends
problems and help. Someone who takes time for others and gives 110% at all he does.
He has worked many jobs and understands what hard working people go through on a day to
day. Even himself, at different points in his life, being a commercial plumber, a gravedigger,
park ranger and well musician .

Its not about one person, its about what one person is capable of, throughout his career Joe
Davis has created music as well as created jobs in the Music industry. Joe Davis has helped alot
of people, he has set a higher standard than the normal. Its not about arrogant guitar hero
worship. Its about being driven ..... driven beyond in life, to do live give
more..and to be driven..more. To push and live life to its fullest everyday.

As a entertainer The JDB brings a rock life, for real. No holding back.......a live..wide
open show. Unpredictable and undeniable real and true.

As a songwriter and prolific arranger he has created lots of original works of all kinds.

As a professional guitarist from Kannapolis North Carolina. With over twenty years of what he
calls.."guitarology".  Started playing guitar at age four. The live shows started at the age of
thirteen, playing guitar and working in bands.

Performing in all live music venues, backyards, festivals and bars across the USA. Living in
NYC, Nashville Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Atlanta Georgia, Mrytle Beach SC, North Carolina.
All venues in between, dives to concert halls. Worked the Grand Strand of Mrytle Beach
playing in all the country theaters, as well as all the rock clubs between 1991 and 1995

Guitar classes at Central Piedmont Community College, attained a full music scholarship to
UNCC. Which he turned down due to be able to continue working in live music venues.

Former lead guitarist of Charlotte North Carolina's favorite out of control rock band, Dark
Horse. Dark Horse featured lead singer John Allan Soloman of the 80s sensation lykitty Split.
Dark Horse toured though out the US, and has shared the stage with such artist as.., Jackyl,
Kix, Korn, Danzig, Slash, Eddie Money, Sugar Ray, The Spin Doctors, Seven Mary Three,
Saigon Kick, Firehouse, Warrant, Gilby Clark, Alice in Chains, Georgia Satellites, Stuck Mojo
and many more.
Dark Horse released Dark Horse "Live from the Delta Hubcap" in 1997. As seen in Rip

The Joe Davis Band started in 1997, when Keith Anderson, (bass guitarist) had approached Joe
about doing a cover band. The band was called "Super Mule".  The band was a classic rock cover
band, that had Joe Davis on vocals which he hadn't done up to that point. The three piece band
made a quick name for it self within a year, attracting the attention of Columbia Records.

Columbia asked the band to record a four song demo. Which the band had only four original
songs. Those songs were, Time Alone, All Out War, I Don't Care, and Mulenium. After the
songs were recorded at Hit Music Incoporated in NC. The band had one more show to do in
Myrtle Beach SC before the label took over.  The show was at the Afterdeck on hwy 17. There
was trouble at the show between the label and a member of the band and the result  was in the
group losing their recording contract.

After much anticipated excitement, Joe Davis and Keith Anderson were back in the band room
with no label and no drummer. Columbia Records sent word that they would back Joe Davis,
but not a band. With Joe Davis not happy over the idea, The Joe Davis Band was born.
Later on no middle ground was met at that time with Columbia. The Joe Davis Band struggled
on. Releasing a rough sounding, gritty album entitled Joe Davis "You Can't Stop Me" in the
winter of 2002.   The  crashing and bashing rock album unexpectedly took off, being picked up
by major stores such as Walmart , Kmart, The Record Exchange and Tower Records.  As well as
being showcased on a new company out of Oregon, called... CD Baby. Selling thousands of
copies world wide.

The song "Time Alone" was also featured and was the first song ever on

In 2003 the album "Tales from the Hard South" was released with no help from any label.  
With lackluster sales  what had hoped to be a follow up to "You Can't Stop Me" turned out to be
a financial fiasco. The JDB continued to play live all over the  USA and anywhere anyone would

In 2004, the album skeleton for "The Balance of Power" was being written and recorded while
the JDB worked like shows constantly.

Winner of the 2007 Charlotte Music Awards for best hard rock act.

Winner of the 2008 Charlotte Music Awards best male vocalist.

In  2008 , The JDB was spotted playing the Coca 600 by a man who saved The Joe Davis Band
from ending.  A man with a new business plan, and a fresh set of ears who was a financial  
advisor for the NFL and other big companies stepped in with a new set of ideals and ideas.

Along with help of one of Joe Davis' friends, Terry Harwood a tattoo artist/musician/recording
engineer, the music went under production recreating "You Can't Stop Me" and the new
"Balance of Power". With new life, new sonic strength and artwork that set the albums apart
from most commercial recordings.

Joe Davis released a new version of "You Cant Stop Me" 2009 and the finished version of "The
Balance of Power". As well as a new acoustic CD "Little Songs".  All at the same time.

Six months after the new albums came out. Joe Davis met a man, named Mike Boulware, who
introduced him to Scot Lamar. Scot Lamar is the man who owns Duane Allman's 1957 Les Paul
Gibson Guitar. AKA "The Layla Guitar".

After Joe Davis and Scot Lamar got to know each other it was agreed that Joe could take the
guitar into the studio. Something that the guitar had not seen in forty years. Out of that
session, The Skydog Woody Project came into existence. This project not only featured Duane
Allman's guitar, it also featured Allen Woody's bass guitar from the Allman Brothers courtesy
of re known bass guitarist Gary Harper, friend of the late Allen Woody.

The one of a kind album"The Skydog Woody Project, Guitar Magic" flew into 2010 with rave
reviews. Immediately taking airwaves by storm, this CD is still growing and building that great
southern jam band audience. The group featured Joe Davis on vocals and guitar. Bass guitarist
Garry Harper, and special guest session drummer Patrick Daniel Trombly. They together and
created the magic of The Skydog Woody Project. The album featured a re recording of Layla in
more of a rock format. As well as nine other songs that will move the soul.

Joe Davis has been in Guitar World Magazine, May 2010, Guitar World Magazine June 2010,
then back in Guitar World Magazine 2011 for recording with Duane Allman's 1957 Les Paul.
The story was also in Guitar Legends issue 116 March 2010. Releasing a live music video in
Guitar World Magazine on the disc inside the magazine as a promo in May 2010.

Has appeared on NBC TV, CBS and FOX. Performing as well as interviews.

Has played on and interviewed on over 30 radio FM stations, including Smokin Blues, out of
Charlotte North Carolina, To the Billy Zero show on XM radio.

Joe Davis also works as a arranger, writer, session guitarist with number one hit song writer
Roy August of Nashville Tennessee. Who has wrote many hits for many country artist.

Joe Davis and the Skydog Woody Project performed "Layla" to a standing room only show at
the Charlotte Music Awards at the Halton Theater in 2010.

The Joe Davis Band has performed at the Tosco Music Party, Beatles Tribute show, sold out the
Knight Theater in Downtown Charlotte. Has performed at the Coca 600, Mrytle Beach Bike
Weeks, Daytona Bike Week. Many clubs and live music venues.

The Joe Davis Band does acoustic shows as well as JDB rock shows.

Seven albums out on their own, under his own label Delta Hubcap Music. Which is a real label
helping new bands attain their place in music.

Joe Davis has attracted the attention of such legendary artist as Warren Haynes, Carmine
Appice, Bob Daisely.

Is a member of ASCAP with over three hundred published works and has taught music and
private guitar lessons.

Was hired by musicians connected with Walt Disney to be retrained for site reading as well as
guitar/bass lessons.

Has worked for Show time Management NC, Loco Lobo NYC, B and B Entertainment Chicago

At last look...10/10/2013 has signed with a major music company.